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Catherine Upton
We meet some great people, and learn a lot through our work here at Ontuitive. Recently we've met and been talking with Veronica Yan, PhD, who is a cognitive psychologist currently working in post-doc positions at USC and UCLA--including the Bjork Learning and Forgetting Lab[1]. Her research focuses on the very issues we've been discussing on this blog, including "desirable difficulty," and more precise measurements about appropriate scheduling for interleaving and variability in learning projects. You can check out her blog on her personal website[2], as well as a recent guest post[3] on another useful site, built and maintained by the "Learning Scientists" (www.learningscientists.org[4]). Their site curates a growing list of resources that translates scientific research into practical guidance about teaching and learning.

Dr. Yan has also agreed to be a panelist[5] for us at the FocusOn Learning conference[6] in June. We're looking forward to that conversation, and will publish a full report here on Insight.

Original author: Jenna Smith


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